Happy Call Pan Beef Rolls (Gyu Nanban Yaki)


It is said we eat with our eyes first. How very true is that. For when we are served creatively prepared dishes our senses are heighten, the mouth begin to water and the mind wonders just how it will taste.

The prep work for these Beef Rolls is so simple and the family loves it! Cooking it with the Happy Call Pan makes it all the more delicious and juicy too! All ingredients are readily available in well stocked supermarkets. I got mine from NTUC Finest. Here are the steps.

Mix the ingredients for the sauce together. Line spring onions together and cut neatly into 10cm sections. Wrap and roll the beef slices around the spring onions.


Heat up the pan. Place the beef rolls in the pan, using a cooking brush, coat the beef rolls with the sauce. Snap shut the pan and grill the beef rolls in the pan.


Open the pan after 2 mins, turn the rolls and repeat the coating of the sauce, snap shut the pan. Repeat step 7 until you reach the doneness of the beef you desire.


I do not like my Beef Rolls too cooked through as the beef will turn a little tough and dry. 2 -3 mins on each side was sufficient in my case.


Remove from pan and sprinkle with black pepper. Garnish and serve.


Bon Appetit! For the recipe see here, Happy Call Pan Beef Rolls (Gyu Nanban Yaki)

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