Have you met Phil?

*Republish with permission from The Gingerbread Mum

I’m so excited to introduce you to the new dude in my life. We met at an event and ever since then I’ve not been able to keep my hands off him. It was absolutely lust at first sight.

His name is Phil. He’s tall, dark and oh so sexy. He is a dude of few words, you know, the strong, silent type. Have I mentioned that Phil is great in the kitchen too? But does he put together a mish mash of unhealthy heart attack inducing stuff? Absolutely not. He only cooks the healthiest dishes for me and guess what, he doesn’t even use any oil. Is he perfect? Like ya huh.

Does he complain? Never. I simply ask for something and he delivers. Like the time I had this weird craving for cheesy fish and chips. I briefly mentioned it and the next thing I knew, there he was at my doorstep with cheesy fish and chips and a dazzling smile. And it tasted amazing too.
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Or how about when I casually mentioned that I’d love Japanese food for lunch? The next thing I knew, Phil was whipping up my favourite Chicken Katsu-don for me. And boy did it taste authentic.
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Oh did I mention it also came with a side of Japanese gyozas, complete with thinly sliced ginger and vinegar?
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One evening I said I felt like going out for prata but the thought of all that oil really put me off (because you know, when you ask a prata man for less oil, you’re likely to get a smile, but the same amount of oil?), he rummaged through my freezer (Did I mind? Of course not), found a pack of frozen prata, and made it edible for me. Like so.
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One evening I was stressing up at having my family for dinner, the evening I was introducing Phil to them, he saw how flustered I was and shooed me out to get a manicure and pedicure. When I returned home, I found that he’d put together some party snacks. Pigs in a blanket and prawn toasts. Oh my gosh. My favourite!
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Oh my gosh, how much do I love prawn toasts? A lot! But not more than I love Phil.
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Does he bake too? Come on, we’re talking about Phil. Mr I-so-invented-the-chocolate-lava-cake Phil. Mmm. Dessert too. He sure knows the way to my heart.
Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 10.02.24 PM
Hey, hands off Phil. He’s mine.
But he’s got loads of eligible friends, so if you’d like to get to know one of them, just tell them that I introduced you. I hope you have a good relationship with your new dude and wish you the happiness that Phil and I enjoy!
White fish fillets (I used halibut)
Black pepper
White flour
Bread crumbs (I used panko)
Cheddar cheese (shredded)
Dried herbs (I used dill)1. Mix herbs with breadcrumbs
2. Wash fish and pat dry
3. Coat with flour and shake off excess
4. Dip in egg then cover in bread crumbs
5. Heat AirFryer to 120 degrees. Line with baking paper and add fish in.
6. Set for 10 minutes.
7. After 10 minutes, add shredded cheese over the fish pieces and cook for further 1 minute or until cheese melts
8. Fish is cooked when it flakes easily with a fork
9. Serve with fries or salad

Ingredients for tonkatsu
Chicken fillet (I used breast)
Breadcrumbs (I used panko)
Salt and pepper

Ingredients for gravy 
1 tbsp miso paste (I got one that says “Dashi type”)
1 small onion
Spring onions
1 cup water
2 tbsp mirin
1 egg

For the tonkatsu
1. Use the back of a heavy knife to pound on the chicken to tenderise it
2. Sprinkle salt and pepper over it and set aside to marinade for half an hour
3. Lightly flour the chicken and then dip it in egg, and then press it into the breadcrumbs
4. Set chicken on AirFryer basket and cook for 13 minutes at 180 degrees
5. Once chicken is done, cut it into strips and set aside
* Start off with 12 minutes, and if chicken is not cooked enough, increase cook time by a minute each time so as not to overcook

For the gravy
1. Slice (not chop) onion finely
2. Add water, onions, miso paste, mirin and bring to boil
3. Once onion is soft, add egg and stir gently
4. Just before egg is cooked, add spring onions

Place tonkatsu on top of Japanese steamed rice, and pour gravy over. Itadakimasu!

1 pack puff pastry
1 tbsp mustard
1 tin mini frankfurters

1. Drain sausages and dry them on kitchen paper
2. Cut puff pastry into strips about 5 x 1.5cm long. Spread a thin layer of mustard over them
3. Preheat AirFryer to 200 degrees
4. Wrap each sausage in a spiral of pastry.
5. Cook for 10 minutes
6. Serve hot

* I used the kind from the weighing station, which made my pigs turn out rather dry. Perhaps the tinned ones won’t have this problem. If you try this out, will you let me know please?

White bread
Tiger prawns
Salt and pepper
Corn flour

1. Chop prawns into small pieces
2. Season with salt and pepper, and a little corn flour
3. Cut bread into squares (remove skin) at 180 degrees for 2 minutes
4. Spread prawn mixture on bread and toast for further 3 minutes (or until prawn is cooked)
5. Dab a little mayonaise on prawn and serve hot

100g all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
80g icing sugar
1 egg
40g butter
100g cocoa powder
50ml milk
Cubes of chocolate (I used 5 squares of sugar free dark chocolate)

1.Sift baking powder and flour
2. Add milk to cocoa powder and mix
3. Add butter to milk mixture
4. In a separate bowl, break egg and beat it with sugar until creamy (you can use an electric mixer if you like but we used arm power)
5. Add flour little by little into egg mixture. Stir well to avoid lumps.
6. Preheat AirFryer for 5 minutes at 180 degrees.
7. Grease moulds with a little butter and dust them with a little flour. Pour batter into moulds, adding a piece of chocolate in the middle
8. Bake for 4-6 minutes, depending on size of moulds
9. Remove from AirFryer with oven mitts (careful! It’s very hot!), overturn on serving plate and serve with strawberries and ice-cream

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