Philips Jamie Oliver : A Singaporean Style Breakfast Must-have


When I think of a typical Singaporean style breakfast, I’ll think of Kaya Toast (Coconut Jam toast). It’s such a classic, so traditionally yummy! My only qualm about the kaya toast bought from the stores is it’s usually a tad too sweet for my liking.

But I can still enjoy a great traditional Singaporean style breakfast by making some homemade kaya. With the Philips Jamie Oliver hand blender and a trusty bread maker I simply have more reasons to make my own coconut jam!

When I first received the Philips Jamie Oliver hand blender I was all excited because it comes with an innovative ProMix blending technology, ultra-sharp titanium coated blade, new and improved metal bar cage, allows user to direct all 650W power straight into the pot, pan or roasting tray. Plus, with three simple attachments and turbo speed, this essential bit of kitchen kit will save loads of time and effort in food preparation!


With this tool it would be a breeze to whizz up a silky smooth kaya for sure. Here’s how you can prepare some delicious homemade kaya too.

The ingredients you’d need are 2 bunches of Pandan Leaves (aka Screwpine Leaves), choose only the softer/younger leaves. Roll about 5-6 leaves into a bundle (we need 3 bundles), the rest can be cut into about 2 inch pieces to be blended for its juice.

1 cup of Coconut cream (I used the Kara brand coconut cream)
¾ cup sugar (this was reduced from 1 cup; add more or reduce according to your preference)
4 eggs (approximately 60gms each)
2 drops of pandan paste (or green colouring optional)

PhilipsJO Kaya.001

Here’s the step-by-step guide:
1)   Measure 1 cup of coconut cream and add the cut pandan leaves into the coconut cream.
2)   With the hand blender, blend the pandan leaves to smaller bits (to my great amazement, in a mere ½ min the leaves were shredded into puny bits that I couldn’t even see them anymore! I LOVE this hand blender!)
3)   Pour out the coconut cream & blended pandan leaves into a muslin bag
4)   Squeeze out all the coconut cream and pandan juice into a bowl, then set it aside

PhilipsJO Kaya.002

5)   Pour in the measured sugar into the bread pan of the bread maker
6)   Followed by the blended coconut cream & pandan juice
7)   Add in 4 eggs (whisk it first before adding into the bread pan; otherwise the eggs will turn into custard), drop a few drops of pandan paste at this point if you so wish to.
8)   Throw in the bundled pandan leaves
9)   Turn on the bread machine and let it do its job!

PhilipsJO Kaya.003

When the cycle of the making of the jam has been completed, it will look somewhat like the photo on the left. With a wooden spatula, I gave the mixture a stir, after which it looked like the photo on the right. I know it doesn’t look quite like kaya here, but we’ll get there!

PhilipsJO Kaya.004

Pour out all the content from the bread pan into a mixing bowl and once again give the mixture a good whiz. For this I used the turbo function of the Philips Jamie Oliver hand blender. Took just a couple of minutes to have the mixture nicely blended.

PhilipsJO Kaya.005

There you have it! Silky smooth textured kaya! Now you go try make some kaya of your own!

Keep life simple with the PHILIPS | Jamie Oliver range which includes a food processor (S$268), blender (S$128) and handblender (S$108). Available at leading electronics and departmental stores.

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. Product attributes mentioned are provided by Philips. Opinions are 100% my own.

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