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It has been a crazy week settling the kids back to school after the mid-term school break. Getting back into a work / school routine is not quite a walk in the park after a whole month of play and taking it easy. I have to get my game on to juggle between full-time work, meetings, school, enrichment classes, CCAs, sports coaching, homework, managing the household etc. There is so much chauffeuring and transporting going on that if I took it on as a part-time job and included other kids, a decent living can be made out of it. And this is just me getting in the back-to-school routine. Imagine the kids.

How do I do it? I plan ahead and am lucky to have a housekeeper that I can delegate tasks at home to whilst I am in the office. Any help I can get is much welcomed.

With always so much going on at any one time, it has been a while since I’ve leisurely strolled the malls. In fact, if you bump into me at the mall, chances are the kids are nearby at their enrichment class and I am on-route to the supermarket to stock up on the household’s weekly supply. Yup, I do all my household shopping in one big swoop with the exception of fresh produce which I do twice a week. I am in the queue line with my mounting full trolley load week in week out.

Supermkt Trolley

Yes, I am with the horde. I wait with the crowd to find a carpark lot, then manoeuvre skilfully through the aisles as my arm muscles get a good workout from the increasingly heavy trolley as I load up on groceries, household essentials etc. I inevitably join the snaking queue at check-out. I then wait as patiently as I can for an empty enough lift car to get my trolley back to the carpark. Through all these, I remain acutely aware of the time as it ticks away, counting down if I will need to rush to pickup the kids.

It is tiring. I do not do so well in crowds. With time already so tight, to be caught with the ever growing numbers in malls and on the roads is testing.

‘How can a girl not shop?!’ you may be wondering. Well, I have been shopping online for the past year. Not only do I shop for myself, I shop for my kids too. The shops are open 24 hours and I can ‘go in’ anytime I choose to. So imagine my delight when I was presented the opportunity by Redmart to shop for household essentials on their online store and have it delivered right to my doorstep! Oh the convenience!!


I was in bed when I first logged in with my iPad. I kinda like the idea that I was ‘supermarketing’ in bed. Oh Yeah!

Checking out the items available, I soon realised that Redmart has everything that the house needed. The sub-categories got me sitting up and out of bed calling out to my housekeeper excitedly. Sitting side by side we took stock of supplies and I zoomed in on the bulky, heavy home essentials. Under “Search” I keyed in “Rice” with both of us staring at the screen amazed, she summed up both our reaction when she exclaimed ‘WOW!’. 26 different brands of Rice, Noodles and Pasta variety appeared with the popular brands well-stocked.


Some of the items I picked up are 10kg rice, 1.8kg milk powder, 1.25kg Milo, 3L floor cleaner, 2L Clorox. That is almost 20kg, if you are familiar with how heavy and bulky these items are!

Household Products

What I really like apart from the easy convenience, competitive prices and hassle-free shopping is the “My List” feature that Redmart provides. Think personalised digitally stored online grocery shopping list. Redmart stores the products you buy upon your first purchase and tag it with information like the frequency of repurchase given the frame of time. You will then receive an email once it’s time to restock your items. This, I tell you, is a dream feature that is going to save me copious amount of time.

My routine has evolved and gotten more efficient. Redmart brings the store to you and make life much easier! I am a FAN! Thank you!

Delivery Man

Here are more reasons why you should shop now according to Redmart.

• A large product selection: we have everything you could possible need. If not, tell us and we’ll make sure to get it for you!
• Same day delivery with 2-hour delivery windows: you only have to be home for 2 hours to receive packages
• Free delivery on orders above $75: it’s easy to get to $75 when you have a ton of products to choose from
• Competitive prices: don’t sweat it, you’re not overpaying even though our service is awesome!
• Automatic reminders: The best part is that you don’t even have to remember to restock. Our email reminders ensure that you NEVER RUN OUT of anything by prompting you to reorder when you’re running low!

All good things must be shared and I am so pleased that Redmart is presenting all Munch Ministry readers a 10% discount! Log on to, do your shopping and at checkout key in this discount code “RM_MM”. Happy shopping!!

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. More information can be found on Redmart’s website Opinions are 100% my own.

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