Basketful of Bread


There is something undeniably special about bread. The flavour of a good loaf, the texture of the soft crumb contrasting with the crispiness of the crust is almost a sensual experience.

Most people have their own favourite. Whatever the shape or texture, bread has a special place in our affection.

Making bread requires little more than a pair of hands, some time, an oven and a few basic ingredients – just flour and water in its simplest form. Add yeast and a sprinkling of salt to control the yeast, mix with the flour and water to a dough, shape and leave to rise and on baking it will transform into a crusty loaf permeating the air with a mouthwateringly delicious aroma. Many people enjoy the artistry of a homemade hand-shaped loaf or buns. The ritual of kneading, proving and shaping bread dough is a very personal activity, which is why, even today with the vast array of bakery shops available in the market, many people still get great pleasure from making and baking their own bread.

In this column, we aim to share with you the basics of bread making and some tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way in the fun of bread making. We are no professional bakers but we are certainly enthusiastic and passionate about the craft. We’d be glad if you would join us here where we endeavour to share videos, recipes, information about bread making regularly.

Watch this space! More updates coming up!

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