What Weekends Are For


How I love weekends.

After a hectic week juggling work and kids (and their mounting school work) weekends are lazy leisure time. Especially .. rainy cool weekends. A perfect setting to get baking .. and baking easy delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Here we go ..

There is something therapeutic weighing, mixing and combining volumes of different textures and compositions. Not only do I feel like a wizard, the creation at hand and the anticipation of what is to come soothes me with girlie excitement. Working in my kitchen laboratory, zipping about different equipment – turning up the heat on one, churning up the swirling motor in the other – it’s a cool solo production going on right there.

Combining wet and dry ingredients

And then there is something about Chocolate, especially easy-to-handle-ready-to-use Chocolate. Contrasting and commanding against the pale yellow mixture, these dark morsels are full of promise. “I AM CHOCOLATE, HEAR ME ROAR!” – I hear Chocolate speak .. i do .. in my head.

Dark Chocolate Morsels - The Boss
Dark Chocolate Morsels – The Boss

Scooping, moulding and further adding on of Chocolate is play. It’s highly relaxing. Hand handling cookie mixture is too fun! At this point, if you have them .. add kids. They will create a mess but FUN mess! The giggles, licking of their hands (be warned for tummy aches), stealing and nibbling on Chocolate – it’s priceless bonding.

Chocolate Chip Dough Ready For The Oven
Chocolate Chip Dough Ready For The Oven

15 to 20 mins later and having turned the tray around for better even baking in between (ovens differ and you will get the hang of your oven after several trial and errors – who said being a wizard didn’t take practise!), the aroma that has been filling the house is finally revealed and ready as Chocolate Chip Cookies in all its golden nugget goodness. Yummy! How I love the weekends!

Chocolate Chip Cookies Done!
Chocolate Chip Cookies Done!

See full recipe and method here http://munchministry.com/recipe/chocolate-chip-cookies-2/

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