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Osmanthus Soy Sauce Chicken

A big welcome to today’s Homecooks Spotlight – Jennifer from Dinomama.  If you are looking for great family meals, this is a definite blog to check out!  Thanks for being here with us today, Jennifer!


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I’m a FTWM who recently found my passion to cook for the DinoFamily. Lucky for me I have a son & husband who love to eat and are very supportive by being my guinea pigs.

What do you enjoy about cooking or baking?
I enjoy the whole process, from the gathering of ingredients, the preparation, marinating and eventually throwing all the ingredients together to make a dish of healthy food. Its tiring, which I always complains about it at the end of the day, but the feel of accomplishment of putting a healthy meal for my loved ones, they expressions when they enjoy my food and especially when they thank me for cooking for them is priceless.

Where do most of your recipes come from?
Initially I surfed the net for recipe but when I bought my first cookbook from a bookstore ware house sale, I never looked back. Now I have 20+ cookbooks for different type of food.

What is your favourite recipe posted on your blog/website?

Prawn & Sea cumcumber
I host Foodie Fridays on my blog and currently my favourite recipe is the colorful Prawns & Sea Cucumber in thick sauce (click here for the recipe). I love sea cucumber but not every one like it, this simple dish has prawns and other ingredients that others can enjoy. You can even change prawns to fish or some other main ingredients that you like.

What is your favourite kitchen tool/appliance?
My best investment in the kitchen is my ShuttleChef thermal cooker. I use it to cook soup and stew without standing guard over it while it boils on the fire. I just boil them over the fire for 30mins and put them into the pot and its ready to eat some 3-4 hours later. Even though the dish is not cooked over the fire for hours it does not compromise the flavour and taste.

What is your best tip for getting dinner on the table?
As a full time working mum, I only cook during weekends but it is always filled with activities. Thus I will prepare the ingredients in the morning, pop them back into the fridge to be taken out when its time for me to cook dinner later that day. In this way it saves my time and dinner will be ready in 30mins or so.

What kind of food did you eat growing up? Do you cook the same kinds of things today?
I grow up eating simple food that my mum throw together, she always make sure that we have soup for our dinner. She always makes delicious soup that I love drinking, I tried to cook the same but some how it just does not taste the same. Perhaps its the “mum’s love” ingredient that make those soup taste different.

What is your favourite part about blogging? What is your best tip to becoming a successful blogger?
Though I started blogging in 2007 it was more of documenting my son’s milestones and our family’s daily lifes as a journal for myself. I only started to blog seriously in April 2012 when I join Singapore Mom Bloggers and found my mojo for blogging. Since then I try to write things that are interesting, beneficial, engaging as a parent and a mom. It makes me very happy to see that I am slowly getting more readers and receiving comments from them in my posts.

A picture says a thousand words and nothing beats a well taken photo to share with my readers the moments I experienced at that point of time. Its easy to take photos of every day life but its a challenge for me when it comes to food. I learnt a few tricks from fellow bloggers and my photo turns out better then I expected. I have readers who say they feel hungry the minute they see my photos.

Will you show us your kitchen? What is your favourite thing about your kitchen?

The space! Having lived in 2 HDB flats with small kitchen that only allow 1 person to move around and limited space for my kitchen stuffs, my current kitchen is a dream come true!

What was the first dish you’ve ever cooked?
Frankly I can’t remember the first dish I cooked as it was so many years ago! Although my parents work, my mum still wants us to have home cooked food, at least for dinner. So she taught me how to cook a simple meal and I started to cook for my family when I was in Secondary school. The simple luncheon meat with potato and baked beans did leave a good impression in my memory.

Please share a recipe with the readers of Munch Ministry

Osmantus Soy Sauce Chicken

Osmanthus Soy Sauce Chicken
Chicken – 1pc (about 1.5 – 2kg)
Instant braised powder – 1 packet
Ginger – 3 slices
Spring onion – 5 stalks
Red yeast rice – 1 tblsp
Dried osmanthus – 1 n half tblsp
Rice wine – 50ml
Sesame oil – an appropriate amount

Soy sauce – 500ml
Rock sugar – 180g
Water – 2000ml

(1) Put red yeast rice, osmanthus and instant braised powder packet, ginger, spring onion and seasoning into a soup pot.
(2) Use big fire to bring water to boil after that turn down to small fire for about 30mins till the water become braised sauce.
(3) Clean the chicken, sauteed it for a few minutes in boiling water, remove from pot.
(4) Put the chicken into the boiling braised sauce and add in rice wine.
(5) Turn fire to small after it starts to boil and cook for another 30mins.
(6) Remove the chicken, let the sauce drip dry then brush sesame oil on the chicken
(7) Chop up the chicken and serve.

Thank you, Jennifer for being here with us today! If you want to read more from Jennifer, here is where you can find her:

Website : Dinomama
Facebook: Dinomama

All photos courtesy of Jennifer Lim of Dinomama

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