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“To be tempted by the most brilliant chefs, is truly my dream”.

Shirley Tay

7 years as a Flight Attendant has brought me to many beautiful places to savour the best, shop for bargains, & bring my dining experience back to Singapore & turn it into a cooking passion. Through years of travelling around the world, I’ve developed a penchant for good food. In addition to blogging, I’m also a Trainer in Adult Workplace Literacy. Besides teaching the textbooks, I take pleasure in introducing my students to my cooking, feeding them with my creations.

Interview Questions –
1. What inspires you when it comes to food?
I’m a glutton, & I get a lot of inspiration from my traveling etc. I also like food art & enjoy toying with food.

2. What do you enjoy about cooking or baking?
I cook more than I bake. Best part about cooking is when you see smiles & receive compliments, which motivate me to come up with more recipes.

3. Where do most of your recipes come from?
From TV shows, ideas from food pix & I also like to tweak from cookbooks. Whenever I try something yummy, I would want to replicate the dish immediately while the taste still lingers. One of my creations is the Egg Tofu Wreath With Dang Gui, which was featured in The Sunday Times under Singapore Cooks. The inspiration simply came from a Christmas Wreath! 

4. What is your favourite kind of food to make?
Dainty Appetizers to kick off a meal.

5. What is your favourite recipe posted on your blog/website?
Angry Birds Onigiri Bento Box (おにぎり), which has won me a trip to Angry Birds HQ in Finland. 


6. What is your favourite kitchen tool/appliance?
That would be my Kitchen Shears. I use it to cut chillies or snap through the breastbone of a chicken. It’s really handy having one around.

7. What kind of food did you eat growing up?
Do you cook the same kinds of things today? My mom made a lot of tonic soups when I was young. It has become a habit & I need soup for every meal. Yes, I still cook them.

8. What is your favourite part about blogging?
Meeting lovely people in bloggersphere makes blogging fun. Being a lifestyle blogger, I get a lot of invitations for food-tasting & beauty product testing etc. I’m really happy to be able to share my beauty, dining, cooking & travel experiences with my readers. I also conduct a lot of Giveaways in my blog, so I’m really thankful to all my wonderful sponsors.

9. What is your best tip to becoming a successful blogger?
Sincerity & honesty, & be yourself. My readers appreciate me because I give honest reviews. I won’t give 5-star ratings just because I’m paid to blog.

10. What was the first dish you’ve ever cooked?
Errrr…….. Maggie Mee (instant noodles) with Luncheon Meat?

Recipe to share –
Twin-Egg Henaff French Pate Recipe

Twin Egg Henaff Pate

The Twin-Egg Henaff French Pate was inspired by Chef Moon’s BBQ Eel & Foie Gras, where I was invited for another food-tasting event at the DBS Indulge Underground Supper Club At Mikuni, Fairmont Hotel. I love making food for parties as it challenges my wacky ideas. Another batch of my students had just graduated & it was a perfect timing for me to recreate this appetizer. I was glad it was a total success!

I had prepared 2 versions – 1 for my family & 20 in plastic cups for my students’ graduation, using Henaff Chicken Liver Pate with Port Wine as it’s more economical. Hénaff is a century-old pate producer, & their pates are dear to many French gourmands & complimented for their quality & taste. So if you can’t afford Foie Gras, this is a great alternative!

Twin Egg Henaff Takeaway

Ingredients (20 pax):
2 Teriyaki Unagi (250g)
3 cans Henaff Chicken Liver Pate with Port Wine
2 sprigs of Spring Onion

Century Eggs:
8 Eggs
3 tbsp Mirin, Japanese sweet sake
3 tbsp Goma Shabu sauce
1 tbsp Sesame oil

2 large Tomatoes
2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
2 tsp Extra-virgin Olive Oil
1 tbsp Parsley flakes

Egg Mayo:
10 hard-boiled Eggs
½ cup Mayonnaise
½ tsp Black Pepper

1. Remove shells from century eggs & rinse well. Separate yolk from “whites” & dice “whites”.
2. Mash yolk & mix with seasoning (A).
3. Wash & cut tomatoes into cubes. Marinate tomatoes with (B) for at least 30 mins.
4. Mash hard-boiled eggs & mix with (C).
5. Mix marinated tomatoes with egg mayo.
6. Heat unagi according to package instruction. Dice & set aside.
7. Start laying party cups with 1st layer of egg mayo mixture.
8. Throw in unagi. Do not put in too much as it may be too sweet due to the teriyaki sauce.
9. Add another layer of egg mayo, then top with century egg “whites”.
10. Clean & chopped up spring onion. Sprinkle onto party cups, & top with pate & century egg yolk to get your pretty Twin-Egg Henaff French Pate! Serve chilled. Bon Appetite!

(Pls visit the link for step-by-step photo instruction)

For more on Shirley check out the links below
Blog – Luxury Haven http://www.luxuryhaven.co
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ShirleysLuxuryHaven

All photos courtesy of Shirley Tay.

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