How To Get Rid Of The Durian Smell From Your Fingers

Durian Tip

It was a breezy cool evening and we were nicely settled at a roadside Durian stall along the bustling Geylang Road. It was pretty crowded for a weekday night and many like us were having durian supper (yeah!).

After going through and devouring the seeds of 3 big thorny kings we were nicely satiated and bent over a rickety tap fixed onto a thin pipe next to a drain to wash our hands. ‘Wait’ my durian kaki said and came back with a durian shell. He held it over the running tap water and said ‘Wash your hands under the shell with the run off’. I did as I was told and then he said ‘Smell your fingers’. When he saw my expression he exclaimed ‘Magic right!?!’. The smell of any evidence of the yellow indulgence was gone! I was pretty amazed (for those in the know .. ya la .. I had a suaku moment *winks*).

So the next time when you dig in to your favourite fruit remember this cool tip! No one will know you had durians .. unless of course you burp.


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