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Happy National Day, fellow Singaporeans!

Are you planning to throw a little party with your family? Or perhaps visit some of the National Day exhibitions? Maybe even attend the parade or find a comfortable spot to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous fireworks? Or ahem, planning a little trip away?

Now that our TV doesn’t work (and it’s not been working for oh I don’t know, 2 years?), we can’t watch the parade on TV. We can look out the window at see the chinooks fly by with the flage though! But one thing different that we’re doing this year is engaging the little ones. So we’ve dedicated the month of August to learning about our country.

Learning about Singapore for my 5-year old

I assumed that I would find page upon page of kid-friendly information on Singapore, seeing how we can find practically anything on the internet. I soon discovered that this was not the case. Practically nothing was available. So I made my own.


Poppy loves stories. And she loves playing with the iPad. Like any child, she’d probably spend 10 hours on it, but we limit it to a couple of minutes every few days. So when I put the story into the iPad for her, she was elated.

Learning about Singapore for my 16-month old

Calla is 16 months old. Is that too young to learn about one’s country? Maybe, maybe not. But I did something small for her anyway. Drew up some Singapore-related pictures and wrote the words on them, and Poppy helped to laminate the pages and trim the corners, and ta-da, ready in an hour:

I’m very blessed that the girls love reading. Or in Calla’s case, looking at pages. So we bring little books with us when we go out, and this one makes for great meal-time entertainment!




Here are some fun facts to share with your kids! 

* Singapore means “Lion City”

* Singapore is 48 years old this year. Its birthday is 9th of August
* 4 main races live in Singapore – Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians
* Common surnames in Singapore are Lee, Tan and Lim
* The Singapore flag has a cresent moon and five stars. The red represents brotherhood, and the white stands for virtue. The crescent moon represents a young nation on the rise. The five stars stand for Singapore’s ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.
* Chewing gum is banned in Singapore, and smoking in airconditioned places is not allowed
* The currency of Singapore is the Singapore dollar

* Most people in Singapore speak 2 languages
* Singapore is a very small country. It is one of the 20 smallest countries in the world! 
* The national flower of Singapore is an orchid called the Vanda Miss Joaquim

And here are some suggested activities!

1.* Visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens and look for the Vanda Miss Joaquim
2* Go to Clarke Quay and stand with Raffles (walk from Raffles Place mrt station, of course)
* Make National Day buntings
* Play red-and-white : each player chooses a colour. The one who finds the most number of objects of his colour wins 
* Try to guess the races of people on the street (um, don’t point!)
Visit the Raffles Hotel and see the famous doorman!
* Learn to say “hello” in 4 local languages or dialects
* Visit Chinese and Indian temples, mosques and churches to see how people from different religions pray

I forsee August being a very activity filled one and I can’t wait 🙂

PS The entire lyrics of the national anthem are printed in microtext on the back of the $1,000 note. – Did you know? Let me go check my $1,000 note now! Oh wait. I don’t have one. Oh well. Will someone lend me one perhaps? 

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