National Day Kids Party Snack – A red and white affair!

Children's party snacks

I have always enjoyed preparing food together with Dumpling. Part of it is to do with some form of help (though sometimes the mess is greater than the help!), part of it is to do with the companionship and fun we have and part is to do with the fact that we are both food lovers!

With National Day coming up (yay, the long weekend!!!), we discussed about our plans and we decided that it will be a Red and White affair! And of course, importantly, we will be prepping some snacks for the family as we veg out in front of the TV and watch the parade.
Snacks made with kids need not be hard – if you have the same plans, here are 3 fun and quick ‘Red and White’ food ideas to share! Do rope in your kiddos too!

1. Popsicle! 
As I am not a carbonated drink lover, I do not stock much of such drinks at home and hence Dumpling is not quite exposed to those type of drinks. So for this Popsicle, we did not do a 2-tier thing (which uses sprite). Instead Dumpling mixed in rose cordial and canned pear juice. I then added some nata de coco for the extra ‘bite’! You can add in other fruits too ūüôā
2. Pizza Bread! 
Toast is one of the quick snack items (and I sometimes make it for Dumpling’s brekkie too) for us at home. I basically left it to Dumpling to cut out the stars (using our bento ‘cutters’) and create the SG flag on her own (the crescent was cut out by me). She smeared a layer of pasta sauce over and then place the respective elements on the bread. After she was done, I set the microwave on Med High on mine and toasted it for 13 secs. The main idea is to melt and ‘bind’ the cheese pieces to the toast.
3. Strawberry & Vanilla Yoghurt (topped with cherries!) 
Dumpling and I both love yoghurt and this is always an item we have in the fridge. For this red (though it looks more pinkish here!) and white affair, we layered strawberry yoghurt above vanilla yoghurt and topped it off with Cherries. If you wish for it to be more ‘reddish’ you can add some homemade¬†strawberry / raspberry jam on it and as you swirl it, you will be able to create a brighter red hue. :)Hope you have fun with these quick and easy snacks. Here’s wishing all of you a Happy National Day!About Alicia @ Beanie N Us!¬†

I am a reformed perfectionist and a caffeine addict based in Singapore. Having to battle post natal depression shortly after birth, I have definitely learnt that motherhood throws you the most unpredictable curve balls. I am also a working mum who homeschool my daughter (fondly known as Dumpling) in the evenings. 
I blog regularly at BeanieNUs where I pen down my parenting thoughts, share my love for food (and cooking) and my (sometimes) creative moments during our homeschool sessions. 
I also have a fetish for¬†smelling Dumpling‚Äôs toes and having immense satisfaction in stealing kisses as she sleeps. ūüôā
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