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With National Day coming soon, here are a few kid-centred party decoration ideas that you can use if you are going to have a gathering over the National Day weekend. You can tweak the ideas to fit your party but mine were constructed with a red-white theme for National Day.

#1 Make coloured flowers for a table centrepiece

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You’d need about a week to see the full effect of the colours so if you’re opting to do this, make sure you start early. Choose any white flowers you like/ can obtain. In my case, we only managed to get white chrysanthemums.

Start by placing your white flowers in a jar of water with food colouring added.

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Flowers at the start of the experiment

Then simply wait and observe.

 photo DSC_0324_zps2d2375fa.jpeg
6 hours later

If you like, you can take photos of the flowers every day and see how the colour of the flowers changes on a daily basis.

 photo DSC_0329_zpsfc848307.jpeg
5 days later

I’d previously coloured white flowers in various colours before, even splitting stems and sticking the two ends into different coloured water to achieve flowers that were half red/blue. This is an exciting activity for kids to see the petals (and even leaves!) change colour over the days. The best part? You get to have pretty, customised flowers for your table centrepiece.

#2 Upcycle a plain glass jar

Now that you have pretty flowers, it’s time to do something about the vase.

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Here’s a simple way to upcycle a glass jar – we simply wrapped a piece of gold crepe paper around the jar, then twirled cotton twine around – there’s no need to make sure that the twine goes around too neatly. Finally, just stick on a big red button and you have a rustic-looking glass jar!

 photo DSC_0417_zps2bf853a1.jpeg
So simple that even a kid can do this!

#3 Cutlery rings using toilet paper/ kitchen towel rolls

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We made our cutlery rings using a kitchen towel roll but you can make these with toilet paper rolls too. Here’s what you need:

 photo DSC_0419_zpseaaf066e.jpeg
toilet paper roll/ kitchen towel roll, washi tape, forks/spoons/knives, serviettes, scissors

Using a pair of scissors, cut out a strip from the cardboard roll – the width depends on the width of your washi tape – it should be slightly thinner than your washi tape so the cardboard won’t show. Wrap the cutlery up with a couple of pieces of serviettes as shown above. Stick washi tape onto the strip of cardboard you’ve cut out, and have about 2cm or so of extra washi tape on one end. Put the ring around the cutlery and serviettes, tighten the ring so that the cutlery stays together then form the complete ring by taping with the 2cm-excess washi tape which you have on one end of the cardboard ring. Kids would love to help with the washi tape part!

 photo DSC_0423_zpsb1b72457.jpeg

No washi tape? You can stick on pretty paper on the cardboard rings and just tape it up. Have your kids glue on the pre-cut paper or help with removing double-sided tape (that makes for a good fine motor skill activity too).

If you have older kids, you can get them to tie a small ribbon around to complete the look if you want to, but that’s entirely optional!

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