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There are days where I miss the bento-making days, and feel the itch to make a bento just for the fun of it. Since National Day is approaching, I thought I could plan a NDP snack bento that I can bring out for the kids to munch on while we are on our picnic mats watching the fireworks somewhere. I have such fond memories when we did something similar last year, and told myself that it shall be what we will do every year henceforth.

But since I am no bento expert, I will not attempt anything too challenging. The snack bento I will sharing in this post will be easy for anyone to make.

The tools and some basic ingredients. You can find many bento boxes and accessories at Daiso. Cheap & good! =)


Kiwifruits is a must this season because it’s my kids’ favourite, and it is a wonderful appetizer that perks up the taste buds.


When I thought of what simple and fuss-free ways I can incorporate the NDP theme into my bento, I thought of flags immediately. Naturally, one of it has got to be our National flag. 🙂


Introducing my NDP bento! I wanted the whole bento to be as colourful as possible because it is a joyous occasion – the birthday of a happy nation. And don’t think I randomly put these together, because there is a reason for everything I chose to be in the bento! 🙂

I used a two-tier bento box. On the bottom tier, I’ve got the sweet stuff:

a) Diced Zespri kiwifruit – In life, there are sweet times and sour times
b) Blanched carrot stars – Symbolises the stars on our flag
c) Candies – Sweetness of a birthday celebration
d) Boiled mixed vegetables – Symbolises the diverse races and religions in our country


On the top tier, there’re the savoury stuff:

a) Hard-boiled eggs – Remembering the hardships that our founders went through to build our nation (Failed attempt to mould them into stars though =P)
b) Rabbit-shaped mini sandwich with cheese – Simply because my kids love rabbits and cheese. =X
c) The bear container holds some light soya sauce for the eggs


See how simple it is to assemble this NDP bento? You can make your own bentos and have a rocking good time on your picnic mats while watching the fireworks as well. =)


Have a great National Day celebration! 🙂

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