Picnic Grub Recipes For National Day Holiday


What are you planning on doing this National Day holiday? We are going on a picnic to the open fields with extended family, laying several mats on the grass, assembling deck chairs for the older folks, bringing the family dog, taking the football out for the boys and packing food.. lots of it! When the sun sets and daylight fades, the highlight will begin and the sky will light up spectacularly to wish our Nation a Happy 49th! Fireworks

Here is my recipe list from awesome homechefs for a delicious picnic to get you going.

Chicken Curry

The no-fail picnic food. The very act of dipping your french loafs (and fingertips) into the pool of curry to soak up the spicy rich goodness while sitting on grass and staining your t-shirt as you guide the delicious mess into your mouth is reason enough.Chicken-Curry

Lor Ma Kai

For the neater and more proper folks who will not think of stained fingers and soiled tshirts. It comes individually packed.Lor-Mai-Kai-Neo-LH

Fried Mee Suah

It’s light weight to carry and easy to eat for beings 2 to 88 years.Fried-Mee-Suah


For the DIY-ers. Nothing like assembling and wrapping your own food while sitting on grass. Make iT your own yo!Popiah

Guacamole Dip With Nachos or Corn Chips

This would go nicely with the beer guzzlers. They usually do like very much to dip their fingers into gooey mushy hopdgepodge.Guacamole-KY


What! Who wants to have salad on a picnic? But for those who do.. this is yum!Caesar-meatball-salad

Caramel Pop-Corn

Yup, make your own! It’s easy, so much cheaper and hard to refuse. Definitely a picnic crowd pleaser.popcorn-5



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