Planning a Party for 9th August, Singapore's National Day


With National Day just around the corner, we’re celebrating all things Singaporean. Having a bang-up National Day party is a great way to build a tradition with our family.

We’ve put together a simple party plan that you might pick up an idea or two.


Pick A Theme & Location

Add a theme to your National Day party and make it that much more fun and exciting. If you don’t have a perfect location, make the most out of the one you have. Here are some easy tips and suggestions to spark your own great ideas.


Home Party: Potluck gatherings are easy, have your guests bring a favourite dish to give variety to the party. Add paper plates, napkins and festive streamers in Singapore colours. To keep everyone entertained, organize some family fun board games or group games to have everyone involved.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 1.37.24 PM

Picnic in the Park
: Use red bandanas for place mats or napkins, or decorate table tops with red gingham tablecloths and matching plates and napkins. Serve all the local favourite street food or typically Singaporean dishes and snacks. Fill a wagon with ice and drinks. Decorate with inexpensive Singaporean flags and balloons in red & white. To inject some fun, bring along soccer ball, frisbees, wares for lawn games and sparklers for guests to participate in.

party table

For more game ideas visit here for games for adults and here for games for children


Party invitations should be fun and help create the mood for your event. You can use the many assorted pre-packaged versions that match your theme, or simply DIY. Here are a few ideas to inspire:

–  It can be as simple as a red card stock with white embellishments (such as stars and crescent moon). Or anything that’s red & white that’s to the theme of National Day.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 1.52.20 PM

For more ideas on DIY invitation cards check out here and here.

Budget Tips

How much you want or can afford should be planned from the onset and try to stick to the budget you’ve set. For some, food may be more important than drinks. Others may want to spend more on entertainment or the location. Whatever your choice, bear in mind that your own home or even a small party by the park or beach will usually be less expensive and easier, than a sit-down meal, especially if the meal involves renting equipment and paying professional staff to help.

Party Checklist

Be sure to have a checklist in place so that everything is organized and nothing would be missed. Here’s a sample checklist that you can use.

So let the party begin and enjoy a great celebration with your family and friends this 9th August!

In this National Day series, Munch Ministry have lined up a whole host of National Day themed posts where guest bloggers would share party ideas, party food, setting a tradition with the little ones at home and many more.

May you have a memorable and happy National Day holiday!

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