Ways to Cope with this Hazy Daze – Part 2

Last week we shared about ways we at Munch Ministry cope with the haze, while we thought we are headed towards better clearer sky days the haze just wouldn’t let up.

Today we wish to share some of the ways our friends from the blogosphere cope with this hazy daze.

Dominique Goh, Educator, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and Mom to Three – she blogs at Dominque’s Desk

“What I have been doing is increase the fresh food intake of the kids and making sure they are well hydrated. We keep the air at home clean by using the two air purifiers and also keep the windows closed when the haze level is high.

For extra protection for the kids, I have taken the liberty to keep the kids at home and homeschool them when the PSI level rises above 150. As I feel that they will not be sufficiently protected in school against the dangers of the haze.”

Fannie is a mother-of-three, who has an active lifestyle at work and at home.

“Haze does not keep fun away from my children. We do not have a purifier installed at home. We use a diffuser with essential oil to keep the air fresh at home.

Besides cooking more healthy food for this period, I also boil herbal tea like – Rosella tea, chrysanthemum tea and prunella vulgaris.

Rosella Tea is rich in vitamin C and which makes it an ideal remedy that fights off colds and infections. Chrysanthemum is easy to make and purported to have cooling and anti-inflammatory effects.

My research says prunella vulgaris shows it’s a popular for heat-clearing, eases sore eyes and detoxifies the body.

Since everyone has limited outdoor activities due to the haze, we spent time playing board games, revising, and being couch potatoes catching up on movies we have missed.”

Jenn, a mother-of-one, is also a SAHM. She enjoys the flexibility of being able to trade in the stock market while taking care of the household and coaching her son in his studies. – She blogs at Mylilbookworm

“Sing ‘Haze, Haze, Haze’ to the tune of Dream’, lyrics by Mr. Brown, has been my son’s favourite past time when our sky was covered with a blanket of haze. The lyrics are so apt!

We don’t have an air purifier at home, so on haze days, we would shut the windows, turn on the air-con when we sleep. We put on N95 mask if we have to go out.

Surprisingly, my son has been kept well. I dont cook special food, I only keep him constantly hydrated with ionised, alkalised, high anti-oxidant Kangen water. On top of that, I oil his feet every night before he goes to sleep with Thieves essential oil blend from Young Living. All these seem to work in sync, the boy hasn’t had any throat, nose or eye discomfort. My guess is: his immunity has been built up with quality water and clinical-grade essential oil over time. I’m doing this regime religiously to keep the haze attack at bay.”

Jennifer is a full-time working mom – she blogs at Dinomama

“The haze makes the air dry and humid, the particles in the air is supposedly harmful for our lungs so I boiled soup and drinks to nourish the lung and cool off the body. Drinks that uses white fungus, chrysanthemum, lily bulbs etc You can find the recipes here (click on link)”

Waiwai from PeiPei.HaoHao, is a full-time-working mother to a 7-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy. She blogs about her parenting journey, DIY crafts, simple cooking and fun activities.

“The children are occupied with craft activities at home during the hazy days. To soothe the throat, I prepare honeysuckle flowers and chrysanthemum tea and watercress honey drink for the family.”

We hope these sharing by our friends, would be useful to you one way or another. Let’s continue to brace ourselves to brave this hazy daze!

Stay tuned for our next post on more ideas to cope with the haze. Till then, stay healthy everyone!

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