Ways to Cope with this Hazy Daze – Part 3

Photo credit Haze.gov.sg
Photo credit Haze.gov.sg

It’s now been 2 months or so since our skies have been covered with a blanket of haze. In the past two weeks, we have shared some of the ways we are all trying to cope with the matter.

Part 1
Part 2

Today, we bring you the final post on how some of our friends have been doing and coping with this hazy daze.

Angeline blogs at Simply Mommie and has been a stay-home mom for more than 7 years now. She’s mom to two lovely children who have given her new insights to life as she now finds herself on a journey of re-discovery of the world through their little eyes.

Due to the haze, we have cut down on fried foods in general as the haze already irritates our throats. We have turned to consuming more soups (click on link for the list of soup recipes on the blog) and ‘cooling’ drinks such as barley and chrysanthemum tea. To combat the boredom of having to stay home instead of expending the kids’ energy outdoors, we have been doing more home-learning activities, mainly sensory play and literature-based learning.

Danessa, Mom of a young daughter, blogs at Prayerfull Mum

Being stuck indoors with young children this hazy season, we are pulling out all the stops to keep them entertained and avoid hearing the dreaded ‘Mama, I’m bored.’

In times like these, screens (e.g. smart phones, tablets, televisions) seem to be the greatest gift to mama-kind. However, doctors say that over-exposure to screens can impact a child’s attention span and concentration.

Trust me mums; there ARE fun and engaging alternatives! This is an awesome time to remind our young ones that they have so many toys to play with. Out come the Duplo/Lego and play-doctor sets. My girl has been busy with her hands during the haze period.12167081_10153341045863668_1039636607_nThere are lots of ideas that require nothing more than objects you’ve already got lying around the house – perfect if you don’t want to go out in the haze! Some of our favourites include colouring books and painting. We even made a storybook together
12166489_10153341045983668_1561729673_nAnd if everything else fails, there are always indoor playgrounds! No matter what you choose to do, take this opportunity to play (indoors) with your children. Stay blessed!


Evelyn, a mother of two is a work at home mom. She blogs at Bottomsup Blog.

Beating The Haze
Encourage independent play
I’m a work-at-home mum who also values her own space and time–a bit more selfishly than most, I suspect–and because of this, I’ve encouraged my kids to play without my assistance from a young age. I don’t play entertainer at home; I simply leave toys and art/craft materials in accessible spaces and leave my kids to their own devices. My daughter didn’t enter school till 6 (she’s now 9), while my son is 4 and at home, so stay-in haze days are not too different from regular days for us.

Music helps!
We don’t have airconditioning at home and our windows are shut when the haze gets bad, which can lead us all to feel extremely hot, bothered, and cooped up. I’ve only recently discovered Spotify (it’s free!) and their playlists have been a godsend for creating a calming mood at home. Try their coffeehouse or jazz playlists and you’ll feel you’ve been transported to Starbucks or your favourite coffee joint!

Create opportunities for fun/enjoyment
I’ve been strict about bedtimes with my daughter, but recently, with us being home so much, I’ve relaxed the rules. I’ve turned Friday nights into movie nights for my kids, so there’s a shared activity for both of them to look forward to–and I can use the time to chill out myself. Being homebound is also the perfect time to get more reading done–so I’ve upped the read-alouds to my 4yo and started leaving random picture books on the dining table for my 9yo to browse. I’ve also let her extend her bedtime, on occasion, to squeeze in a bit of relaxation reading. Time at home can be very fulfilling!

We hope our sharing have been useful. Take care everyone and remember to stay healthy!

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