Ways to Cope with this Hazy Daze

Haze Days

We are grateful of the few days of respite from the bad haze that loomed over Singapore the past month or so. While it’s still hazy, the PSI levels remained in the moderate range, which at least we could heave a bit of a sigh of relief.

hazy dazeThe past month our once beautiful blue sky here in Singapore has been blanketed by a thick layer of air particulates that made our OOTD (outfit of the day, everyday) fashioned with a face mask, people from young to old; it’s been our fashion statement of sorts.

hazy daze 2Our days were made dreary because all of us were being affected one way or another. Since we were unable to stop the haze from affecting us, the thing we could really do is to brace ourselves to brave this hazy daze as it has been forecasted that the haze is here to stay till November! (source: : Asiaone)

Apart from keeping abreast on the PSI and PM2.5 levels, installing an air purifier and putting on a face mask, we hope to share some of what we have done to cope with this hazy daze. In the next few instalment of write ups we will bring you ways on how we cope with the haze.

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It’s hard to avoid the haze around us now – and the whole slew of health consequences that result in exposure to it. However, we don’t have to sit back and accept our fate. What we can do, is to pack our bodies up with foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin C as well as food that nourishes our respiratory system. Research has suggested that antioxidants block harmful molecules from damaging cells (source: fruitsandveggiesmorematters), so here’s what we have been consuming at home on a rotating basis.

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Drinks and soup that not only quench thirst and hydrate our bodies but totally essential to boost our immunity
Barley Water (made from China barley) – supports our immune system, protects against asthma, prevents cancer (source: organifcats)

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Monk Fruit (aka Luo Han Guo) with Chrysanthemum & Osmanthus – this combination has been recommended by the people at the chinese medical hall. Healthy benefits of this concoction – great nourishment of our respiratory system, rich in antioxidants and a great boost to our immunity. Best of all, it’s so sweet and aromatic the kids asked for more every time we boil this drink.
(healthy benefits of Monk Fruit, source: naturalhealth365; health benefits of Osmanthus flower, source: livestrong)

Green Tea – loaded with antioxidants and nutrients; I drink at least 2 cups of this daily.

Green Bean Soup – great source of Vitamin C; heat relief and detoxifying (source: chinesehealthyliving)

White Fungus Chicken Soup – nourishes the body, heals dry coughs and clears heat in the lungs; it’s also anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour

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Lotus Root Soup – excellent source of Vitamin C and boosting of immunity (source: Nutritionandyou)

Great variety of different fruits and vegetables are totally quintessential as we try our best to keep our immunity level high.


Look out for our next post on tips shared by our friends on coping with this hazy daze. Do stay tuned!


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