Bak Kwa (bbq pork slices)



250g minced meat
Fish sauce 3/4 tbsp
Chinese cooking wine (hua tiao jiu) 3/4 tbsp
Light soya sauce 3/4 tbsp
Dark soya sauce 1/2 tbsp
Sugar 1/4 cup
Five spice powder 3-4 shakes from bottle โ€“ optional
Corn flour โ€“ optional (add some if your marinated meat is too wet)

Material needed: Baking paper


1) Mix everything together and leave it to marinate for 15mins

2) Spoon out the meat mixture and place it on baking paper, spread it thinly (you can adjust the thickness to your liking, just make sure there are no holes) according to your desired shape or use a shaper.

3) Heat pan, oil not needed.

4) Transfer the meat mixture together with the baking paper onto hcp. Once the base is cooked, remove paper and reuse for next spreading.

5) On low fire, pan fry each side until cooked and a bit charred (if you like).

Disclaimer: I found this ingredient list from a website but cannot remember which site already.

Additional Comments About this Recipe

It is optional but it does add flavor to the meat. Personally I prefer to add this in.

You will notice that the color of the meat is brown when itโ€™s on pan. Donโ€™t worry, it will turn to bak kwa (deep red) color when it cools down.

Due to the cameralise effect, the bak kwa is sticky. Try not to place them on kitchen towel or it will stick. I followed how those store did, placed on baking paper.

Recipe submitted by Yukie Cody, a member of Munch Ministry

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