Chicken Yakitori

Yakitori 2

Yakitori (grilled skewered meat, usually cooked on a BBQ grill), has been an all time favourite whenever I visit the snack corner of some shopping malls. It’s so tasty that it’s addictive; which later I figured it’s the high content of salt and sugar that appealed to my palate. In order to replicate this wonderful snack at home (without consuming excess amounts of sugar and salt), here’s a quick and easy (healthier as well) way to prepare this delicious snack.
Yakitori 2

2 Large Skinless Boneless Chicken Thighs (cut into chunks)
2 Small Capsicums of differing colours (cut into approx 2cm square pieces)
100ml Light Soy Sauce
30gms Sugar (I used brown sugar)
40ml Sake
40ml Mirin
Cooking Oil for frying
Yakitori 1
1) Soak bamboo skewers in water for approx 10-20mins
2) Mix soy sauce, sugar, sake & mirin into a saucepan and bring the mixture to a boil until sauce gets slightly thickened.
Yakitori 3
3) Skewer meat and capsicums alternating meat between vegetable.
4) In a frying pan (or HappyCall grill pan) heat up some cooking oil
5) Before putting the skewered meat into the pan, dip the meat into the yakitori sauce (prepared before hand)
6) Place the skewered meat into pan and cook on medium low heat, drizzle some sauce over the meat; give the skewered meat a turn or two till chicken is cooked and turned golden brown on the outside
7) Serve by drizzling more sauce over the meat
*You may prepare a pot of rice and serve it with the Yakitori it’ll be a DELICIOUS one pot meal!

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  • Thanks for sharing this awesome easy recipe! I attempted this last week and turned out really well. My little gals love it! 🙂

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