Claypot Chicken Rice

This is simple dish which I love to cook whenever I am eating alone. One claypot with both meat and vegetables, minimum cookware to wash after eating. There is no lacking of claypot chicken recipes, the main differences are the marinate used on the chicken and the sauce drizzle over the rice.


  • 1 cup of Rice
  • 120 gm Chicken Thigh Meat
  • 70 gm Dried Mushroom
  • 70 gm Chinese Sausages
  • Scallions
  • Salted Fish
  • 250ml Chicken Broth
  • 5 Ginger sliced


  • ½ Shaoxing wine
  • 1 Cornflour
  • Salt & Pepper
  • ½ Dark soya sauce


  • 2 dark soya sauce
  • ½ fish sauce
  • ½ Sesame seed oil
  • 4 Sugar
  • 5 Chicken Stock

(Seasonings are listed in ‘proportions’ not measurement units, meaning 2 portions of dark soya sauce will need 4 portions of sugar)


  1. Cut and marinate the chicken meat with marinate for 30mins.
  2. Rinse the rice a few times and soak rice in water for 30mins.
  3. Soak dried mushroom in water till soft.
  4. Slice ginger, chinese sausages and mushrooms (if they are big)
  5. Place claypot on medium high heat, add little oil.
  6. Add in ginger and stir-fry till fragrant.
  7. Add in washed and drained rice and chicken stock, mix the rice well and cover the lid.
  8. The rice will boil at about about 4th-5th min, and allow it to simmer down (lid remains covered) till about 9th min when you see ‘bubble holes’ on the surface of the rice but the rice is still moist. Add in chicken, mushrooms, salt fish and chinese sausages. Cover the lid, lower to low heat for another 10mins, then off the heat (lid remains covered) for another 10mins.
  9. Start another wok on medium heat, add in all the seasonings and allow it to heat up for about 3 mins.
  10. Drizzle the heated seasonings over the rice, add in some chopped scallions before serve.
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