Homemade Chendol

Chendol 1

Chendol, an all time favourite dessert of mine. It’s also incredibly simple to prepare it at home. With very simple ingredients (it can be as fancy as you want it to be or it can just include very few basic ingredients). The good thing about preparing this dessert at home, we can go all indulgent and add as much of all the ingredients we want!
Chendol 1
Chendol 2
1/2 cup red beans
1tbsp sugar for boiling red beans
1/2 cup corn kernels
1 pack grass jelly (or chin chow)
2 packs chendol
250gms coconut cream (seen in picture above)
Gula Melacca Syrup

1) Boil red beans in water till tender before turning off heat add 1 tbsp sugar stir till sugar is dissolve, set it aside
2) Once red beans are cooled drain off all water
3) Steam the corn kernels for 15mins and set it aside to cool
4) Shred grass jelly using a hand shredder, set it aside
5) Assemble chendol by adding all the ingredients layer by layer (add as much or as little of the various ingredients)
Chendol 3
6) Drizzle in 2-3 tbsp of coconut cream, followed by gula melacca syrup (to your personal preference of sweetness), add 2-3 tbsp of water stir till well combined
7) Serve by topping ice cubes into the mixture
Chendol 4


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