Honey Lemon Drink

Huiji Honey 3

For details on the benefit of this drink please read the post here (click on link)

Huiji Honey 3

(for a 2 litre pitcher)
5-6 tbsp of honey (less if you prefer it not to be too sweet)
2 whole lemons* (sliced)
2 Litres of water
*Note: I usually keep the lemons in the pitcher and make a second round of honey and pour into the pitcher. For this, I’d usually prepare the lemon by removing the skin as that will help prevent the drink from turning bitter. But if you prefer to use fresh lemons on each preparation you need not remove the lemon skin, though you need to ensure the lemon skin is sufficiently washed/cleaned.

1) Prepare honey with water in a separate deep bowl and stir well till honey is fully dissolved
2) Wash lemons thoroughly, slice them accordingly
3) Add the lemons into the deep bowl of honey water give it a gentle stir
4) Pour the mixture into a pitcher, leave it to stand in a refrigerator (if you like it cold) for a few hours
5) Serve with ice cubes in a glass.



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