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Kueh Salat

  • Prep Time : 15m
  • Cook Time : 1:15 h
  • Ready In : 0m


300gm Glutinous Rice (soak for about 4 hours)
200ml Santan (coconut milk)
1/2 tbsp of Salt
Pandan leaves knotted
Banana leaves (cleaned)

Top Layer for Serikaya Custard
25gm Corn Flour
30gm Plain Flour
3 Eggs
125gm Sugar
200ml of Santan (coconut milk)
90ml of sieved Pandan water (blend about 5 leaves of pandan with water)

Prep and Cooking Instructions

Place the soaked and drained rice on a steamer. Place the knotted pandan on it and steam for about 15 minutes. Add the salt into santan(coconut milk) and stir to dissolve. Sprinkle or pour in the santan (coconut milk) on the rice gently and fluffing up the rice a little with a pair of chopsticks. Steam a further 20 minutes and for the santan (coconut milk) to be absorbed into the rice.

Remove the steamed rice and place it on your pan and press it down with something flat or the back of a similar pan. Make sure it is pressed really hard. I didn’t do that and when cutting the rice, it doesn’t look as neat).

Place the pressed rice pan into the steamer and steam it for a further 15 minutes. Keep it there while you make your Serikaya Custard.

Serikaya Top Layer
In a small mixing bowl, stir your eggs, santan and sugar with a wooden spoon. When the ingredients are all mixed together, add in the corn flour, plain flour and the water from blending the pandan with water. (the water should be in a shade of green since it extracts the juice and pandan flavour from the leaves). Stir it till it is well mixed. If you think the green is not dark, you may add some pandan paste in this stage. Strain this mixture.

Prepare a heatproof bowl over a pan of hot simmering water. This method is called double-boiling. Double boil it and stirring it all the time. Make sure the fire is as small as possible as you do not want your mixture to curdle. Cook till it has thicken but not over cooked. When it has thickened, you can pour into the pan with the rice below.

Steam the two layers for about 30 minutes and it is ready. Again, the fire has to be very small. Cool the Kueh Salat and serve.

Submitted by Pamela Loh, a Munch Ministry member.

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