Lemongrass Ice Jelly with Honey Lime Juice

Lemongrass Jelly

Specify Applicance Used

HappyCall Pan


Honey Lime Juice

– 200ml water

– 1tbsp honey

– 1 small lime

Ice Jelly

– 1 packet of ice jelly premix

– 5 pandan leaves

– 1 lemongrass

Prep and Cooking Instructions

Honey lime juice

1. Mix 200ml of water w 1tbsp of honey and 1 small lime.

2. Put d juice in fridge.

Ice jelly

1. Boil 500ml of water w 1 lemongrass n 5 pandan leaves.

2. Boil for 10mins.

3. Cover w lid while boiling.

4. Pour d boiled water into d ice jelly premix

5.Stir till premix dissolve.

6. Leave to cool n put in fridge to set.

7. Serve jelly w d honey lime juice. U can add somemore lime juice to ur liking.

Submitted by Cassandra Nah, a Munch Ministry member.

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