Orange Jelly

Orange Jelly


700ml of fresh orange juice (approx 7 oranges)
300ml water
100g of sugar
1 packet of Clear agar agar/jelly powder (about 10-12g/standard pack)

1. Halves the oranges and squeeze the oranges to get the juice.
2. Scoop out the remaining pulp (make sure you do not over squeeze to maintain the shape)
3. Boil 300ml of water (use 400-450ml if you like your jelly softer), stir in the sugar (adjust to your liking) till it dissolves over low heat.
4. Next add in the jelly powder and stir in low heat until it dissolves.
5. Turn off the stove and add in the orange juice.
6. Place the empty orange cups in a big plate or bowl (with height) to hold the oranges so that they do not wobble when you pour in the mixture.
7. Pour in the mixture. Cool and refrigerate (in lower compartment not freezer).
8. Cut the orange jelly into 3 slices when serving.

That’s all. The more difficult part in removing the remaining pulp after squeezing! I use a knife.

Recipe shared by Caryn Ooi and Jennifer Lim.

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