Fried Oyster Shrimp Flour & Egg Omelette



2 tbsp Glutinous flour (i used silver eating spoon..each tbsp is piled)
half bowl (apprx 240ml) of water (similar to those ban mian bowl)
(both mixed and set aside)
2 eggs
soya sauce
oyster sauce
fish sauce
chilli paste (i use Taho Sambal Balachan Chilli mix w some water)
fresh Oysters
chopped spring onion & coriander

Prep & Cooking Instructions

heat the HCP hot with olive oil
pour the G.flour mixture into the pan and leave it till u start to see some bubble holes forming,
then stir & add 2 beaten eggs, flip the omelette when it is turning brown and spread the mixture (soya sauce, oyster sauce,fish sauce – all agar agar)..then spread chilli paste onto it and flip & fry (i use Taho Sambal Balachan Chilli mix w some water – agar agar oso)

at the side of the pan, cook the prawn and when the omelette achieves the colour & looks crisp, add the fresh oyster & mix in the prawn & fry until the oyster is yr std of texture (how cooked u want yr oysters be – on own preference). Dish into a plate & garnish with chopped spring onion & coriander..

hope it is clear & u agar agar cook ok? hope it works for u 🙂

* you may use other ingredients like fishcake, prawn, crab stick, crab meat..etc to substitute oysters if u eat oysters.

Submitted by Jenia, a Munch Ministry member.

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