Salmon Fish Head Soup

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Prep for fish head
1 Salmon fish head (cut into 2)
about 2 thick slices of gingers (depends on your tolerance for fishy smell)
abt 1 table spoon of salt

3 thick slices of gingers
2 stalks of spring onion (cut into halves)
1 stalk of chinese parsley (cut into half)
1 big tomato, cut into 4s and 4s again (optional)
pot-ful of water
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
1 ladle-ful of chinese wine or hua tiao wine

Prep and Cooking Instructions

Fish head
1. rinse fish head.
2. rub salt onto the fish head and briefly rinse the fish head.
3. slot the ginger slices into the inners of the fish head to rid the fishy-ness

1. bring pot of water to boil (high/medium fire).
2. add 3-4 thick slices of gingers, spring onions, chinese parsley and slices of tomato into pot.
3. after abt 1-2 minutes, put fish head into the water to cook the fish head (abt 5-10 mins).
4. when the salmon meat turns orange (cooked), turn fire to low.
5. simmer fish head over low fire for another 20 mins/30 mins.
6. add 1 ladle-ful of chinese wine or hua tiao wine, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, some salt to taste.
7. serve hot with some chopped parsley/spring onion and pepper. enjoy.

Submitted by Emily Thng, a Munch Ministry member.

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