Steamed Nine Layer Kueh


240g Tapioca flour
80g Sago Flour
20g Mung Bean Flour (Hoon
25g Rice Flour
360ml Thick coconut (I use Kara brand)
330g sugar (I use only 280g)
800ml Water
3 – 4 Pandan leaves
A pinch of salt
Food Coloring of your choice

Prep and Cooking Instructions
1. Boil sugar with pandan leaves in 400ml water until sugar dissolved. Pick out the pandan leaves and mix in another 400ml water.
2. Mixed all the flour and salt in a big bowl. Pour in the coconut milk in batches and mix till smooth. Set aside.
3. Pour the syrup from step (1) gradually into the flour mixture. Stir constantly till well blended.
4. Grease the tin with oil. Place tin in a steamer and steam until tin is hot. Start pour in a uncolored mixtureand steam for 6-8minutes with medium fire. Repeat another layer with the colored mixture (add a drop or two color of your choice and stir well before pour in).
5. Repeat step (4) with different colours batter alternative till mixture is used up. When pour in the last layer, remove any bubble for a smooth surface.
6. Steam for about 15-20mins after pour in the last layer. Leave to cool for at least 6hrs before cut and serve.

Additional Comments About this Recipe
1. It’s easier if your wipe your knife with oil before cut.

Submitted by Joe Cheng, a Munch Ministry member.

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