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Strawberry Shortcake 1

To help inspire you to bake, we are starting a brand new weekly column ‘Bake With’. Every week, you will find a new feature post on bake ideas by passionate bakers that inspire us. Some run beautiful blogs of their own to showcase their irresistible delicious bakes.

We hope to get you baking and filling your kitchen with lovely aromas that will bring out the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ to your household .. but almost certainly .. a BIG SMILE to your face.

We are thrilled to have with us Charlynn Gwee to kick off our new ‘Bake With’ . She runs a beautiful baking blog, My Baking Cottage that truly inspires! You can learn more about Charlynn in her bio at the end of the post. First up in our Bake With Charlynn series is Strawberry Shortcake!

Strawberry Shortcake 1

Strawberry Shortcake


Yields 3 layers – 8 inch cake
Recipe Adapted from Gourmet Baking

Sponge Cake:
• 6 whole eggs
• 6 egg yolks
• 150 g sugar
• 120 g cake flour, sifted
• 90 g melted butter

• 250g mascarpone cheese, room temperature
• 125g sugar
• 625g heavy cream
• Grand Marnier (i just eye ball the amount)
• Fresh sweet strawberries, sliced (set aside some whole ones for decoration)

1. Sponge cake: Preheat the oven to 350F and lined three 8? square pan with parchment paper (If you do not have that many pans, bake them in 1 or 2 pans, than slice)
2. Beat the eggs (whole and yolks) with the sugar on a med-high speed until the mixture is very thick and pale (ribbon-stage)
3. Incorporate the flour in three addition and fold carefully as not to lose too much air
4. Fold in the melted butter until well-mixed
5. Divide the batter between two prepared pans and bake it for about 20 minutes or until done.
6. Let cool on a wire rack
7. Filling: Combine the mascarpone cheese, sugar, heavy cream, and liqueur, and beat until it forms a semi-stiff peak but still has its shine. Use it immediately
8. To assemble: Put one layer of cake on a base and spread the filling on top.
9. Arrange the strawberry slices and top it with the other cake.
10. Spread another thin layer of filling on top and decorate all you want

Strawberry Shortcake 2Strawberry Shortcake 3


Bio : Charlynn Gwee

CharlynnHi, i’m Charlynn and am currently a final year business student graduating in May. Apart from studying, i’m also a freelance photographer & “part-time” home baker. Baking is my thing but i love cooking too! It just came together one day and it instantly hits me!

Being passionate about what i love makes me hungry for knowledge & that’s what drives me to experiment with different ingredients, techniques, reading up & watching countless videos . Joy from people who loves my food brings me great satisfaction!

I blog at & you could catch up with my bakes at my instagram too!
Join me on my journey at Bake With Charlynn.

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