Top 10 Asian Style Chicken Recipes

Grilled Miso Chicken

Using chicken as an ingredient is so common in our daily cooking and in order to inspire our readers on how to cook the chicken in various ways, here’s a compilation of 10 best-loved asian style chicken recipes to share with all of you.
orange teriyaki chickenThis Orange Teriyaki Chicken Drumstick is perfect for those who loves a simple chicken dish to add for a meal. The homemade teriyaki sauce makes this dish extra delicious! (click here for recipe)
Marmite-ChickenThis will become a family favourite in any household. Marmite Chicken always delights. The caramelised chicken pieces packs a savoury flavourful punch! (click here for recipe)
Ayam Masak Merah 3Ayam Masak Merah, which is a quintessential Malay dish. It is usually made during special occasions such as birthdays or Hari Raya celebrations. The ingredients can be made in advance and the chicken pre-fried prior to the main cooking process, which makes this dish quick and convenient to prepare for a party, even if you have plenty of guests coming by. (click here for recipe)
Ginger-OysterSauce-ChickenAn absolutely flavourful and aromatic chicken dish that is fast to cook and good to eat! (click here for recipe)
Grilled Miso ChickenSweet and savoury add that to a pleasantly mild taste of miso just makes this a super yummy yet simple dish to make. (click here for recipe)
Drunken ChickenA distinctive dish from Shanghai, which is a great cold dish to enjoy at home. (click here for recipe)
grilled chicken wings

This is a completely fuss-free dish that can be ready in 40 mins with less than 5 mins of prep work. So simple and so delicious! (click here for recipe)
Korean-Spicy-Chicken-EllenaThis spicy chicken recipe is so flavourful, it will become one of your favourites! (click here for recipe)
A signature dish of the Melaka Peranakan (Straits born Chinese), so tasty, so comforting and so EASY to prepare. (click here for recipe)

Chicken Braised in Easy Aromatic SauceUltimate comfort home-cooked braised chicken, minimum ingredients and time, maximum flavour and taste! (click here for recipe)

Happy cooking everyone!

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