Laksa In A Box

Homemade Laksa Using Prima Taste

I was skeptical at first. “How can anything from a box with a premix yield any good version of one of Singapore’s favourite foods?” I asked myself. Naturally, with eyebrows raised I wrote it off and always walked right pass the gondolas displaying prim columns of its boxes.

Whilst scrolling through my feed on Instagram one day, I came across the post that would change it all. Seeing the purchase of boxes of premixes hauled during a price knock-off at Fairprice had me thinking to give it a try. A weekly scheduled supermarketing trip subsequently got me 2 boxes of Prima Taste’s Laksa premix.

Prima Taste Laksa Premix

I remember the day well. It was a slow lazy Saturday. The morning had me unboxing and reading instructions. After prep work of additions like prawns, chicken, eggs, fishcake, bee hoon noodles and laksa leaves for garnishing set aside, I ripped open the first packet and stirred its contents into boiling water. Then the second packet with the laksa leaves went in. That was it .. the laksa gravy done!

The house started to fill with the familiar aroma of the coconut laden gravy. After a quick assemble, lunch was ready.

And the impending verdict ..

“Wah!” exclaimed the anything-with-coconut-milk-is-my-favourite husband. “You made this?” he continued while slurping. “Yah-ah!” was my response. He was first to finish his bowl and headed to the kitchen. After snooping around (I could hear searching going on), he appeared holding the premix box he found in the dustbin.. “You cheated!”.

“Good ah?! .. Who would have thought right!” I countered. Hur hur ..

Looks like we were slow to catch on with this one.

P.S : There is even an additional packet of sambal to add should you want a spicier bowl.

If you would like to get your hands on this, Prima Taste sells them online. Click here. A quick google search shows you can also get it on Amazon! Click here.

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